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Since 2007

Positive Steps Charity Providing Medical and Healthcare Assistance to Nkhoma

Positive Steps Charity was an idea founded by Jane Cherry after spending 18 months in Malawi as a Nurse Tutor in 2007/08, with Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) supported by the Department of International Development (DFID).

Positive Steps is a charity dedicated to providing medical & health care assistance to people in Nkhoma and the surrounding area in Malawi, Africa.  The assistance is provided directly through financial support for specific medical care and travel to territory centres, and indirectly through support with training of health care professionals and provision of resources where needed.

To date over £45,000 has been raised with thanks to the generous donations and the fundraising efforts of our volunteers. 100% of this money is used to provide medical healthcare and assistance to the people of Nkhoma. (Positive Steps registered charity 1159715).

Take a look at our blog pages to view news from Malawi and see how our donations have helped change and save many lives.

Amount Raised to Date

Nkhoma Hospital

Nkhoma Hospital is nestled under Nkhoma Mountain in rural Malawi. It was built over 100 years ago and receives funding from the Malawian Government who pay approximately 40 % of the running costs to cover salaries and medication for specific diseases (e.g. tuberculosis and childhood immunisations). Further income is generated from patient fees (there is a private ward where the charges are higher), but the hospital still has a major shortfall in income.

The hospital does not turn people away when they have no money. This shortfall in running costs comes from outside help, with donations from organisations around the world for specific programs e.g. the tuberculosis (TB) program, hospital transport, malnutrition and other donations, including those from Positive Steps Health Care Assistance Fund for Malawi to support gaps in healthcare and training.

Nkhoma Hospital Solar Project

Nkhoma Hospital is struggling to continue with the vital service it renders to the 32,000 member community it serves as it is frequently without power for long periods of time.

We have now launched the ‘Nkhoma Hospital Solar Project’ alongside Employ My Ability, with the aim of raising £100,000 to provide solar powered electricity to the hospital. This will enable the hospital to double the amount of essential operations and lifesaving activities that are carried out.

This is an exciting initiative and will make a real difference to the way that Nkhoma Hospital is able to operate and, most importantly, will help save lives.

(Find out more link leading to solar project page)

Amount Raised to Date

What Drives Us

Our Vision

The Positive Steps health care assistance fund for Malawi will enable improvement to the lives of the people of Nkhoma and the central area of Malawi through the provision of health care, by connecting with other Government and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to:

Bridge gaps in health care.

Allow access to health care, education or trained health care professionals.

Provide resources to allow self development and sustained improvement.

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