My name is Daniela Weis and I work as an intensive care nurse in Switzerland. I got to know the charity and their chair woman Jane Cherry while I was working in the UK 9 years ago. From the start I was impressed and motivated by Jane’s dedication to the people of Malawi. After having returned to Switzerland I had the opportunity to take an unpaid leave and join Jane on a trip to the country in 2012. What I experienced as a professional at the hospital and in the communities we visited – joyful and sad moments – during those 4 weeks touched me and will always stay in my memories. Although, I haven’t been able to return and support the charity locally I still feel connected to Positive Steps and the amazing work and difference they make. On whichever posible occasion, I try to promote Positive Steps and to raise money here in Switzerland. My friends and acquaintances trust in the charity’s work and we have established a group of regular donors. I even got my partner involved when he raised money for the charity cycling from Switzerland to Hongkong. Of course, it’s more than money which is needed to change the situation for the people in Malawi. But nevertheless, it helps to continue our projects, to finance training and to buy equipment. Positive Steps is a small charity but even more so is dedicated to spend every penny in a meaningful manner and to improve the life of the individual on a personal basis.