Positive Steps Charity relies heavily on fundraising events throughout the year – but these are mainly organised by the same small group of family and friends; all determined to make a difference to peoples lives in Malawi.

So it is fantastic that we have Regular Donors that contribute monthly and give us the reassurance of money we can rely on. These regular donations range from £3 to £60 and bring in around £105 every month.

When you think that around £3:50p (GBP) will allow Positive Steps to pay for transport for an individual to travel from Nkhoma Hospital to the 500 Miles Prosthetic Centre in Lilongwe (about 50km away), this can be a life changing journey for them, for us it’s the cost of a Costa coffee!

Thank you to all our Regular Donors, this is really appreciated by the PS team – you are making a real difference!

If anyone is interested in becoming a Regular Donor to Positive Steps, no matter how small, then please contact us at: info@positivestepscharity.org – you can also make a difference!

The Positive Steps Team – (Registered Charity 1159715)