Siyileni Sagalamu was born with deformity of the bones in her legs.  She will soon be going to the Beit CURE International Hospital in Blantyre (southern region of Malawi) for bilateral tibia repair; the weight bearing bones in her lower legs.  This surgery will mean that Siyileni will be able to walk properly for the first time in her life.  

Cure International specialist orthopaedic hospital will be providing all the treatment for free, Ian Dawe (pictured below with Siyileni), who works with Positive Steps at Nkhome Hospital, has been key in supporting Siyileni, by organising and planning her care and he will also support her in the post operative period with physiotherapy.  


It continues to be a great privilege for Positive Steps to bridge gaps by providing financial support for the costs associated with specialist treatment; such as transport costs, physiotherapy aids, food whilst away from home.

These small things make a massive difference and may be it possible for the treatment to be undertaken …