At the end of last year I met up with Jane in Exeter to catch up with all that she had been up to.  She filled me in on Positive Steps and the amazing things that has been achieved so far by the team and the many people who have raised money for them.  I don’t see Jane very often due to distance (I live in Cornwall) and busy lives with work and children, so I suggested there and then that maybe a way that I could contribute was to run the Bath Half Marathon and ask people to sponsor me for Positive Steps.  I had run the half marathon the year before as a way of setting a personal goal to get fit and achieve something different in my 40th year.  I made it round, loved every minute of it and completed it surprisingly in good time (1hr 51 mins).  This year I intend to enjoy it again but with the added bonus of knowing that not only is it doing me some good, but also benefiting others.

Leanne Roberts

I have been running as much as time allows, squeezing it in between work, running the children to school and their many after school activities and the RAIN!!!  Cornwall, although beautiful and inspiring to run in, has been extremely wet and although I don’t generally mind the rain, the torrential downpours have not been much fun when it comes to running on a Thursday evening in the dark!
I am now though at the end of my training with only 2 weeks to go.  Today, Sunday, I will run 11 miles around Falmouth and at the end of it hopefully will feel like I will be able to achieve the 13 miles around Bath.  The Bath route luckily is not hilly like Falmouth.  Here I cannot go far without hitting a tough incline.  Oh and today it’s not raining……yet!  Fingers crossed.
I have printed my T-shirt to wear on the day, so anyone in Bath on the 11th March at 11 am, look out for me in my Positive Steps T-shirt.  Wish me luck, Leanne
Leanne completed the half marathon and raised an amazing £300 for Positive Steps.