Wase Munthali is a prosthetist employed by the charity 500 Miles.  She provides care for people who require artificial limbs or devices to support and control part of the body (orthotics).  People who have serious burns to their limbs require orthotics to prevent contractures.  A contracture is shortening and hardening of muscles, tendons, or other tissue, often leading to deformity and rigidity of joints; they are painful, debilitating and often require  multiple surgeries to correct.

Positive Steps is funding the transport costs for Wase to run a fortnightly clinic on the burns unit at Nkhoma Hospital.  She is also providing education on bandaging of the burns prior to application of orthotics, a very important part of management to further prevent contractures.

The photographs depict Wase at work with Grace, aged 4, who requires bilateral elbow splints and a neck collar, and Christabel aged 3 who requires an orthotic for her foot following a burn from hot porridge.

Please keep supporting us so we can continue to fund this vital work, thank you …