Daniel Schwerzmann (below) is cycling from Switzerland to Hong Kong on an amazing adventure to raise funds for Positive Steps! He will be travelling through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Tailand, Vietnam and China!

Daniel’s Great Trip … June 2014 to March 2015

Daniel learned about POSITIVE STEPS and the projects from our Swiss fundraising co-ordinator. When he started planning his life-long dream of cycling from Switzerland to Hong Kong he decided not only to do it as personal challenge but also to organise it as a “charity-cycle”. Every cycled kilometer will hopefully gain some pennies for designated organistations. With about14,000km ahead of him a decent amount of money could be achieved. Daniel chose Positive Steps as one of two favorable charities because of their great aim of capacity building in Malawi. The Positive Steps Team’s work and engagement impressed him deeply and he wanted to be conducive in his own way by combining fun and fundraising.

On his blog www.stan-goes-to-hong-kong.ch you can read much more about Daniel’s idea and his dream. Even though the website is in German, you can follow him on his way to Hongkong – visualised by a map (select the ‘Karte’ tab) and many pictures in the gallery. It’s possible to support him with comments, a personal email to fa18@bluewin.ch or a ppkm (penny per kilometre).