Daniel Schwerzmann has arrived safely in Hong Kong after an incredible journey on his bicycle from his home in Switzerland to Hong Kong to raise funds for Positive Steps!* This amazing adventure and fantastic personal challenge of around 10,000 km saw him travel through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam and China before arriving in Hong Kong!


We reported on his progress (see Daniel’s blogs on on 24 June, 26 September, 12 December 2014 and 1st March 2015), but we are now relieved to know that he has finally made it to Hong Kong and that he is safe and well.  What an epic adventure! We are hoping that Daniel and his girlfriend Daniella can join us in the UK this summer so that we can celebrate his achievement with them.  And … it’s not too late to support him … with comments, a personal email to fa18@bluewin.ch, or a donation of pp/km (pence per kilometre). A huge ‘congratulations’ from everyone involved with positive Steps … and thank you Daniel for continuing to support Positive Steps in this way! *Half of the total raised by Daniel will be donated to Positive Steps.