Whilst in Malawi recently, the Positive Steps team was able to deliver some footballs that were kindly donated by ‘Junior Sports Coaching’ (JSC) of Bournemouth. Six of their old footballs, in a very professional looking kit bag, were taken out with the team and are set to provide hours of fun in the village.

The photograph below show some of the boys who JSC coach at an after school football club in the UK … before sending the balls to Malawi …


The footballs were donated to two groups in Nkhoma village, both only a short walk from Nkhoma hospital.

The first group of children were at the Nkhoma Day Nursery. The nursery provides care for children in Nkhoma, and surrounding villages, whilst their parents go to work, many in the hospital. The nursery has very limited resources with only a few old (many broken) toys, but despite this the very dedicated staff manage to stimulate learning through songs and play. The footballs will make a massive difference to the fun they have and you can see from the photographs just how happy they were to receive them  … great fun for everyone!

The second group was nominated by Maralise Potieter, who is a missionary and long-standing friend of Positive Steps. These went to the Joshua School in Nkhoma. The Children at the school are from villages across Malawi and they were overwhelmed by the surprise gifts. Many of them had never played with a real football before, so to have on-going access to them is fantastic and was amazing to see.

The photographs show Maralise with the children at the Joshua School … as you can see they couldn’t wait to get started … who needs a football field!

Many thanks to ‘Junior Sports Coaching’ for their kind gift and for making this possible …