Positive Steps was an idea founded by Jane Cherry after spending 18 months in Malawi as a Nurse Tutor in 2007/08, with Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) supported by the Department of International Development (DFID).

During my time in Malawi, friends and family expressed wishes to donate money to support a gentleman called Mangani who had had bilateral below knee amputations following severe bone infection.  I sent out a ‘Christmas email’ in lieu of Christmas Cards.  The response and donations were incredible and inspired further fund raising and the creation of Positive Steps.

In Malawi there is no incapacity benefit, family support, sick leave, critical illness cover or savings for people to fall back on, and the health service does not have the funds to support specialised medical care and training.

Called ‘Positive Steps’, following the success of the initial fund raising which assisted in the provision of prosthetic limbs for Mangani, Ellen, Grisella and Loveness.