Nyathipa has a diploma in clinical medicine and works as a
Clinical Officer at Nkhoma Hospital where she developed a
passion for improving maternal health. When she met members of the Positive Steps team in Malawi in October 2016, she talked about the disturbingly high maternal death rate in the country and the challenges faced by clinicians delivering care to women in labour who, when they finally reached the hospital, were often very
Things are now greatly improved, Nkhoma Hospital has
encompassed the safe motherhood programme and Nyathipa and
the team work hard to ensure the delivery of a high standard
of maternal care. In recognition of her efforts and
the need for a specialist in this field, Nkhoma Hospital
wanted Nyathipa to undertake a BSc in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Malawi, College of Medicine. It is with great pride that positive steps are funding this training.
Nyathipa described the course as ‘empowering and an opportunity
to develop her technical skills and knowledge whilst
truly appreciating the importance of her relationship with
the expectant mother’. When we met, she said, “I really appreciate the support and may God bless you all. May you continue with the support since I still have this year to finish, with more challenges like my research and I can’t graduate without doing it.”
Positive Steps continues to support the training of healthcare professionals, where identified that enhanced skills are required by the Training Committee at Nkhoma Hospital (ensuring that our money is targeted in the right areas) and this is making a real difference!