You may remember in October 2011, we posted about the charity’s support of Daniel Chimutu, an Orthopedic Clinical Officer at Nkhoma Mission Hospital.  We are thrilled to report that Daniel is currently in his fourth year of his Degree in Medicine at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  

 Below: Daniel at Nkhoma Hospitalunknown_2

At a young age Daniel expressed his interest in health care and his ambition to give something back to this rural community.  He started working as a patient attendant and was soon promoted to medical assistant. He then went on to do his training to become a Clinical Officer. 

In 2017 he is due to graduate as a Medical Doctor.  Daniel says “After school I am planning to go back and help my community since the number of Malawian Doctors are very few.  During my pre medical school training Positive Steps assisted me with funds to cover for extra lessons. It was really tough but they came to my rescue”.

During his university holidays Daniel returns to Nkhoma Hospital where he continues to work as a Clinical officer, attending to burn patients doing wound dressings, debridements and skin grafts. 

Below: Daniel at Nkhoma Hospital about to start skin graft surgery.unknown