Meet Dinnah Chimutu (pictured below), who is in the second of her six years of studies at the University of Malawi in Blantyre, with the aim of becoming a Doctor. She is being sponsored by a Dorset family, who were connected with her through Positive Steps.

The state of Malawi has the lowest number of medical doctors compared to the population. Indeed, there are currently 459 GPs with only 177 specialists certified by the Medical Council of Malawi. This gives a ratio of one doctor to 50,000 people, considered as the worst ratio in the world.

Once qualified Dinnah can work in any of the hospitals within the country, but of course we hope that one day she will work in Nkhoma, where we concentrate our efforts on improving healthcare.  When you consider that it costs around £480 (GBP) per year to pay for her training, this is a relatively small amount compared to how much it costs to train a Doctor in the UK.  This fits squarely with one of the charities aims and priorities, whereby; Positive Steps will improve or provide medical/healthcare by supporting the training of healthcare professionals to improve and sustain healthcare initiatives … We feel that this is such a great thing to be involved in, when considering the significant longer-term impact another Doctor will make on thousands of Malawians in future years.

Positive Steps is very grateful to our regular donors who make it possible for us to commit to supporting the training of health care professionals, an invaluable resource to health care in Malawi … Thank you to our Dorset family for supporting Dinnah, and to everyone involved!

Below is a link outlining the shortage of Doctors in Malawi and from this you can see for yourselves how important this work is: