Thank you so much for your continued support of Positive Steps.

To date we have raised in excess of £38,000 (GBP) through fundraising events and regular personal donations. A special thank you to all of our regular donors, these are the people who have regularly committed to supporting Positive Steps with a monthly payment. These donations range from £3 to £20 per month, but it doesn’t matter how much it is, because every penny helps and can change someone’s life. Regular donations give us confidence that we have regular income to continue our work and make a significant contribution to the support we are able to give to health care in Malawi. This also gives the donor the satisfaction that they are making a real difference to peoples lives in Malawi. We should also say a huge thank you to all the people who, behind the scenes, work so hard to make the charity function and help with fundraising activities. Without them the charity would not have seen this success.

We are currently working hard to ensure we have adequate funds to support the training of health care professionals.  Nkhoma Hospital, set in the rural part of the central region of Malawi, desperately needs to upskill its staff.  This year we have agreed to ensure: Nyathipa Mhango completes her specialist training in obstetrics; Alex Kaphukusi and Samual Botolo train to become Clinical Officers (which is a shortened course in medicine), essential in Malawi to try to manage the deficit in doctors; and, Eve Kamwana to become a Registered Nurse.   These are all dedicated professionals in important roles and without Positive Steps they would not be able to complete their training.

Positive Steps also remains committed to funding regular transport cost to the specialist prosthetic and orthotic centre in the capital city Lilongwe and the purchase of supportive foot wear for patients.  Your support and kind contributions mean we can ensure that patients are guaranteed to receive this specialist care.

If anyone wishes to become a regular donor to Positive Steps, or perhaps make a single donation in lieu of sending Christmas cards this year, or organise a small fundraiser, such as a coffee morning, then please contact us at: info@positivestepscharity.org

Please spread the word and share the images in this post if you wish to do so … Thank you once again for all your support …

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from the Positive Steps Team.