My name is Rosy Taylor; I am a Co-Director and Treasurer of Positive Steps. I have held these roles since the inception of the charity in 2011. Some of my tasks have involved establishing the legal and financial framework of the charity including setting up our bank account, gift aid payments with HMRC, Public Liability Insurance and supporting documents to enable the charity to be registered with the Charity Commission. As some of you may know some of these tasks involve a lot of paperwork!
I also ‘hold the purse strings’ for the charity’s cash. This means I’m responsible for paying for items needed for putting on events, sending money to Malawi (and ensuring its receipt and distribution) and, my favourite bit, counting up the cash raised from events and paying it into the bank, so that we can continue to support the work of Nkhoma Hospital! I keep the UK accounts up-to-date and ensure the accounts that we receive from Malawi are correct and tally up with what was expected. It’s important also to forecast and plan our income to ensure we can match the funding we have committed to over the coming years.
Positive steps was founded in early 2011 with just a few pounds donated by friends who wanted to help pay for the medical care of a young boy with severe burns to his little body. Today, just five years later we have raised nearly £40,000 and helped hundreds of patients and medical students achieve healthy and educated lives.
Each year charity members, friends and family come together to stage amazing fundraising events that raise money for a wealth of different projects in Malawi. We also have a small group of regular donors who make a monthly financial commitment, which is fantastic because we know we have a guaranteed (albeit a fairly small one) income. 2016 was a busy year for Positives Steps and its supporters and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us in the past few years and to exciting new ventures in 2017!
The job is very satisfying and it’s great to see how hard people work and give so generously and be able to see first-hand how the money is spent in Malawi.