Portesham Primary School have been very busy washing cars and displaying their talents in Portesham’s Got Talent!  It has been both incredible and inspirational to see how the children and staff at Portesham have embraced the twinning project.

It really has been a great few months watching the charity grow thanks to all of you who have supported and donated. 

I return to Malawi on the 11th June to take up a post with Africa Burn Relief.   Rosy will be joining me for a week to meet Victor, Amina Mawauwa, Benita Matanda, Ian Dawe, Mangani and Ellen Weluzani, follow up the Nguluwe twinning project and further the work of Positive Steps…watch this space. 

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm making it possible to make a little difference to the people in the community that keep welcoming me back.  Jane