Ian Dawe and Nkhoma Hospital Transport, travel to the rural villages to collect these people and take them to 500 Miles prosthetic centre in Lilongwe. 500 Miles Charity fund the prosthetics and Positive Steps funds any associated costs …

… we always say it, but the photos really do tell the story …

(Please note all the people in these photographs have given their kind permission for us to share them).

 Andrew Beniwel (below left) and Fidwel Mphande (centre and right), both affected by polio, with new kneepads:

A patient (below) with a developed ankle contractuer and her new boot …

Innocent Williams (below) was involved in a train accident when young. The prosthesis was made by 500 Miles with support from Positive Steps. However, this became damaged and has recently been repaired, along with the provision of new shoes.

Innocent Williams (below) with new foot and shoes:

 Kabao Mbawala (below) was also affected by polio and has been provided with new sandals:

Mr Maunda (below) needed an above knee amputation due to a tropical ulcer and can be seen with his new prosthesis:

 Nolia Moffart (below) was burnt on her feet when she was one year old and walks on the side of her foot.  She can be seen (below right) very pleased with her new boot:

Rodrick Joel (below) had a femur fracture when he fell from a bike and was on skin traction for 6 weeks. He has one leg 1.5cm shorter than the other.

 Rodrick has now been provided with new shoes, with one specially raised. See Rodrick (below) with his new shoes: