During the last four months in Malawi, it has been incredible to facilitate essential medical/health care assistance, provided by Positive Steps.  This post is about recent beneficiaries of the charity…

Nkhoma Chisomo Foundation

The Nkhoma Chisomo Foundation for Elderly and Disabled is a group that meets twice weekly.  It was set up last year to provide an opportunity for those with disabilities to learn a craft and earn an income.  We visited The Chisomo Group with Joanna, the Manager of 500 Miles, the Prosthetic centre in the city.  Joanna was able to offer many of the group orthotics, Positive Steps has provided funding for transport to 500 Miles for measurements for *Ankle/Foot Orthotics, fittings and shoes appropriate for new orthotics: Abel Kanyala, Emmanuel Laston, Loita Kunzekerani, Kabawo Mbwara, Mawe Kapalamula, Wezzie Maseko.  *An Ankle Foot Orthosis in a plastic device used to correct the positioning of the foot-ankle complex.  It accommodates foot deformity caused by an underlying condition such as cerebral palsy thereby creating a stable platform to assist the person to stand and walk.


Both Major Fraiser, who had his left lower leg amputated in 1999 and Benita,who lost her right lower leg, were referred to Positive Steps for financial support with visits to the prosthetic centre and for shoes.

6 year old Oscar Masula, was admitted to Nkhoma Hospital with an extreme allergic reaction.  He had Stevens–Johnson syndrome, a life threatening skin condition, managed as a severe burn.  He was in hospital for 6 weeks.  His parents were not able to cover the cost of his medical care, Positive Steps has covered the cost of this and for specialist follow up. 

Alan with Jane

Alan Ching’ani, has cerebral palsy, Positive Steps has assisted with transport costs so that Alan and his father can visit Nkhoma Hospital for regular physiotherapy.


We think that
Felecia is about 14 years old, it is unclear what has caused her learning difficulties, it may have been a result of Malaria as a young child.  Positive Steps has funded one to one tuition for Felecia in the hope she maybe able to attend her local school.


Thakozani Waluza with Mark

Thakozani Waluza, is 15 years old.  He had bilateral lower limb amputations as a small child, in an attempt to cure aggressive tumours in his legs.  His medical history is relatively unknown.  He has also lost the sight in his left eye.  His prosthetic limbs were sub-standard and poorly fitting as they were made for him a while ago.  He required further orthopaedic surgery before he could have new prosthetics.  Positive Steps has funded his in-patient stay, ensured he had urgent surgery and arranged transport to 500 Miles for measurements for prosthetics, fittings and for appropriate shoes.

Fred Banda

Fred Banda applied to Positive Steps for financial assistance with his Nurse Training.  Daniela Weiss, her friends and colleagues at Rega Air Ambulance have raised money specifically to ensure Fred can complete his three year Nurse Training Program.